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Pre-Deployment Project Planning

Managing a PACS project from inception through implementation is an overwhelming undertaking for any institution. Working with the proven methodology and assessment techniques of SG&A will help to ensure that your institution delivers the most cost-effective program for a successful project.

SG&A Services will spend the time to understand your institution's needs and develop a customized approach all based on your specific needs and particular challenges. The program outline below provides an easy to understand approach to developing a complete plan and implementation strategy that delivers results.

Phase I. Needs Assessment & Objectives Development.

  • Identification assessment and integration of a healthcare institution's short- and long-term needs.
  • Clearly articulated set of objectives and goals for the PACS Program.
  • Ensure the operational and clinical goals of radiology will integrate with those of the clinical clients of radiology.
  • Make provisions for time frames and informational needs of the institution.

Phase II. Operational Analysis & Cost Assessment.

  • Site Analysis
  • Develop a current workflow map, film storage and image distribution mapping for radiology and throughout the healthcare enterprise.
  • Develop clinical information maps and determine critical enterprise information needs to make recommendations for effective information flow.
  • Quantify costs; identify inefficiencies and communication breakdowns.
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Proforma Analysis and Justification

Phase III. Radiology and Institutional IT Infrastructure Assessment.

  • Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • DICOM Modality Analysis
  • HIS/RIS/CIS Integration Considerations
  • Image Archive Needs, Forecast and Analysis
  • Re-engineering enhancements, workflow and throughput Considerations

Phase IV. PACS and IT Requirements Statement.

  • Develop Technical Needs
  • Project RFP Document Generation
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Trade-off Analysis
  • Acceptance Criteria

Phase V. Implementation Strategy and Deployment.

  • Phase Development and Prioritization For Optimized ROI
  • Project Deployment Designed to Funding Parameters
  • Technical Support Strategy and Implementation
  • Technical Specification Married to Technology Availability
  • Clinical Practice Deployment Strategy
  • Vendor Selection
  • Acceptance Testing by Phase
  • Re-engineering for Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvements

Contact SG&A for a consultation. A program can be customized for your specific needs and business circumstances.

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