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RIS CIS PACS RFP Development

Creating a RFP for a RIS, CIS, and/or PACS is a daunting task for any healthcare institution. SG&A can custom build and create a RFP based upon your institution's unique current and future business goals.

SG&A develops each client's individual RFP by understanding some of the following core business metrics:

  • Healthcare System Profile
  • Corporate business goals for RIS CIS and/or PACS
  • Current IT Infrastructure
  • Current Business & Clinical Systems Capabilities
  • Prospective Vendor Profiles
  • Prospective RIS CIS and/or PACS Descriptions and Capabilities
  • Vendor Support Details
  • Available Industry Technology
  • Documentation

SG&A has the experience and knowledge to create a custom developed RFP for your healthcare institution. Your institution's unique RFP will ensure that you thoroughly define your current and future business goals to any prospective vendor. SG&A can help simplify the complex RFP process and ensure appropriate results.

Contact SG&A for a consultation. A program can be customized for your specific needs and business circumstances.

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