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RIS CIS PACS Workflow Analysis

Workflow analysis can be an effective tool in deploying new technologies. By facilitating a heightened understanding of the various economical and organizational benefits, workflow analysis allows institutions to capitalize on the efficient use of newly implemented technology.

This technique further results in many ancillary, equally valuable benefits:

  • Allows an understanding of the impact of the technology deployment.
  • Establishes a "benchmark" via a "snaphot" of the department processes.
  • Can be used in order to maximize efficient use of the technology.
  • Can be used to measure changes in operating costs.
  • Can be used to identify and monitor security of patient information.

In addition to a return on investment (ROI) analysis and continued monitoring, workflow analysis provides a mechanism to gather operational statistics that will serve as a baseline for future evaluations of the impact of such technological implementations as PACS.

Also, workflow charting provides an avenue by which the user may achieve a vital and fundamental understanding of a department's operations, and, through this unique perspective, may assist in efforts toward improving efficiency in departmental and organization-wide operations and procedures.

SG&A Services has and will provide the skill sets necessary for flow-charting the work processes (for example, each step that is performed from the time a patient procedure is ordered/scheduled to the time the procedure is completed) within the Radiology/Cardiology department. SG&A will also assist to develop the skills (task organization, diagram drawing, process timing, etc.) of department personnel to evaluate and refine processes in the future.

The Workflow services include the following:

  • Interview technologists and area supervisors to determine job functionality on a daily basis and to identify differences in methodology between individuals, modalities, and shifts.
  • Flow chart workflow processes (all patient movement, clerical tasks, Radiologist/physician work and technologist/modality procedures) and submit to departments for review and adjustments.
  • Enter all processes into Visio software program for a concise visual layout of workflow to be given to the institution.
  • Review all processes to identify existing inefficiencies (inability to retrieve prior films due to misfiling, etc.) prior to new technology application.
  • Identify steps of each process that will change or be deleted by PACS implementation.
  • Develop and chart post-PACS implementation processes
  • SG&A can also provide the services of deploying the new processes.


  • Yields Technology opportunity
  • Identifies inefficiencies of existing processes within the department. This data can be used in the ROI development process.
  • Identifies approximate lengths of time for each procedure and what the associated FTE costs are for the procedure.
  • Provides a tool to be utilized in Improved Operations Procedure (IOP), required by JCAHO.

Contact SG&A for a consultation. A program can be customized for your specific needs and business circumstances.

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