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Remote Teleradiology & On-Site Diagnostic Reading Services

These services are a new and growing area of SG&A. The focus of these services is to provide 'relief reading services' to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers that need either a relief valve or a stable reading service with the ability to image enable your referring physician client base.

In addition, SG&A is finding that there are many radiologists that would like to continue to read at a more leisurely or opportune time and pace. They have the expertise but don't want the pressures of a production line. SG&A is currently developing this service and is seeking interested radiologists of all sub specialties including general non fellowship readers. Please contact SG&A at the information link of this web site.

SG&A has managed to identify clients both in the U. S. and outside the U.S. seeking the services of appropriately credentialed radiologists. Depending on your interest level there is more than likely a large opportunity waiting.

SG&A services also has the technology platforms available to host these services as well as provide integration services creating a high level reading service including the image enablement of most HL-7 and DICOM 3.0 compliant EMRs on the market worldwide. . Please inquire through the SG&A Info tab on this site.

Contact SG&A for a consultation. A program can be customized for your specific needs and business circumstances.

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