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Site Operations Assessment & Planning

Have a vision for the future? A PACS deployment in radiology, integration with HIS/RIS information systems enabling image distribution throughout the healthcare enterprise. But where should you start?

SG&A Services can get your institution started on the right track. Decision making based on your workflow data. Site analysis and cost benefits with financial justifications are needed. Here's how SG&A Services can help.

Phase I. Site Operations Assessment & Analysis.


  • Develop a current workflow map, film storage and image distribution mapping for radiology and throughout the healthcare enterprise.
  • Develop clinical information maps, determine critical enterprise information needs and make recommendations for effective information flow.
  • Quantify costs; identify inefficiencies, communication and workflow breakdowns.
  • Show how electronic re-engineering of radiology will help.

Phase II. Cost Benefit & Justification Based on Analysis.

  • Develop cost analysis for direct and indirect costs.
  • Development of benefits scenarios.
  • Increases in production capacity.
  • Increases in billing and revenue capture.
  • Re-engineering and work process improvements.
  • Impact to clinical care enterprise wide.

Phase III. Proforma Modeling.

  • Development of information based decision-making models.
  • Development of financial scenarios for optimal deployment and payback.

Contact SG&A for a consultation. A program can be customized for your specific needs and business circumstances.

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